Monday, November 12, 2012

Hospital Stay

This is Mary’s mom Beth again. She hasn’t felt up to writing so she asked me to write a bit here again. 

Dr. Barnes said to call him if Mary was having a lot of trouble with nausea and vomiting, and Thursday morning Mary was in a lot of pain and couldn't stop dry heaving (there was nothing on her stomach.) She was admitted to the hospital that same day.  To manage the pain, Mary was already wearing Fentanyl patches, and was taking Lortabs.  A strong IV pain med was added through her IV; a med that seemed to kick in immediately, but wear off quickly too. The steady stream of pain meds seemed to ease her pain some. 

Mary had an x-ray the night she was admitted. This showed did that she was really constipated in her small intestines.  After dosing out laxatives over a 24 hour period with no movement, Dr. Barnes told us he was planning to keep her until her system kicked in with the goal being to make Mary more comfortable.  However, he told her this on Saturday, the same day her brother was flying in from California after a call to the Red Cross (protocol because he's a Marine) and she really wanted to go home.  Mary begged to be released from the hospital, so Dr. Barnes let us go home. 

While she was thrilled to see Ryan after leaving the hospital, she felt miserable all day Sunday.  Dr. Barnes called in a stronger laxative and she feels better today (after being up all night sick).  Today she's been dehydrated and tired, but her sweet brother went to get her some Pedialyte (which he told us the Marine often drink when they are dehydrated)-- and that seems to help.

Her friends Jessica and Allison are throwing a party for Mary today. "Eat, Drink and See Mary.”  Mary's just so happy she is now feeling well enough to go. Ryan, her dad and I are all going with her.  We'll take lots of photos.

I'm sure Mary will be updating soon. Tomorrow she goes in for the CT scan that will show the doctors whether or not the Avastin in working.

Thank you for your continued thoughts, support and prayers.


  1. Thanks for the update! I'm glad you are feeling a little better, Mary! Have fun at your party! I love you and am praying so hard for you!

  2. I feel sad that Mary is in such pain :( I hope she feels better soon!