Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is Mary's mom.

Mary really wanted to post an update today but is feeling too drowsy so she asked me to write a few words.

Yesterday I woke up early to find Mary sick and in a lot of pain. She had not slept well either.  I was really concerned when she asked me to stay home from work because she just does not ask that.  Of course I stayed home and called Dr. Barnes’ office about the pain waking Mary up during the night even though he had just upped her lortab dose.  

Since we had to leave a message with the doctor’s office, and she was feeling a bit better, we made plans to go vote and get something to eat.  On the way, Dr. Barnes office called and wanted Mary to come to the hospital right away for a CT scan.  Dr. Barnes thought all the pain might be caused by a small bowel perforation.  We were at the hospital most of the day. 

After lots of waiting for the CT Scan to be read and to talk with Dr. Gore, we found that there was no indication of a perforation. Dr. Gore had two radiologists look at the scan and one thought cancer was progressing and one did not. However, since the scan was done without a contrast, it was hard to determine any solid information about the progression or lack of.  Mary will receive a CT with contrast next week. In order to ease her pain and help her sleep through the night, Dr. Gore wrote a prescription for a duragesic pain patch. The goal is for it to deliver a more steady release of pain medicine.  Dr. Gore said it would take a while to kick in but hopefully will help her sleep through the night when it does. Each patch stays on for 72 hours before changing to a new patch.  She will continue with her Lortabs as needed.

Despite all this Mary is in good spirits.  A family friend from when I was growing up arranged for her to take painting lessons, and her first session is tentatively set for next Wednesday.  Mary is really excited and taken aback by the generous gesture.   

Mary also called me earlier today because she was very happy with her choice to buy a massage for 60% off from for Studio Red Organic Salon. She had never had a professional massage before today and was very impressed with her massage therapist, Daniel. He recommended a neuromuscular massage and Mary said she left feeling so relaxed, rejuvenated, and free of tension in her neck, shoulders, and back that she wants to sign up for a monthly program for the massage.  I’m thrilled to see her pamper herself a bit.  Hopefully she’ll go back for massages.  The therapist actually provides some volunteer services to cancer patients. I didn’t get the details, but it was nice to hear.

Now she is just exhausted probably from a combination not being able to sleep well for the past few nights, the new pain patch kicking in, and just the emotional roller coaster ride that she’s been on since January. 
If there were a way to communicate her bravery and amazing focus and wisdom, I would attempt it.   Words fail me here.  She keeps me going and she continues to think of others throughout this whole process.  I could not be more proud of Mary.  Please keep her in your constant thoughts and prayers..
God bless you for your encouragement and support of her through her blog.
Beth, Mary’s mom


  1. It was really beautiful written by you... and even though I don´t know your daughter I have been thinking a lot about her and her situation, wondering if there is something I could do... but I could´nt figure out what that would be... ? But if there is anything, except money.. because I don´t have much, then let me know. I work as an Art Director (I make newspapers ads, flyers, posters etc...)
    I live in Europe so the distanse is huge... yet I wanted to write a word or two. Take care!

  2. yay painting lessons! that's so awesome. i hope she has a lot of fun and she gets to post some of her work.

    the massages sound like a good idea too, definitely let out a lot of tension with a professional. hope Mary has a good sleep. thanks Beth :)

  3. So glad to hear that Mary enjoyed her massage and will be having the art lessons she's been yearning for. I found her blog shortly after being diagnosed with Granulosa Cell Tumor. I was very lucky in that I was diagnosed early on so my prognosis is good. When young people are diagnosed with cancer, it seems so unfair. My son had Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 22 so I can identify with how you feel as Mary's mother. He's doing well but I still worry about him all the time. We're always their mom no matter how old they are, aren't we?

  4. Thank you so much for the update. I am glad she is getting some rest and pain relief with her new pain patch. I am so happy to hear that someone has come through with some art lessons for her. I was hoping that some of my friends in Birmingham could find an art teacher for her, but they have not had any luck. Massage therapy! That will be so nice! I think of Mary many times throughout the day and pray that she is comfortable. My my prayers are also with you and your family. Love and hugs from Texas!

  5. I'm glad to hear you all found someone to give Mary painting lessons, but if that falls through please let me know. I spoke to a lady here in B'ham that would be glad to help out.

  6. I hope she continues with the massages, she deserves it. She seems to have an amazing mom as well, I think you've done a great job Beth!