Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I got the ok from my doctor to stop taking adderall so I've been off of it since Saturday. I was worried because it seemed to be speeding up my resting heart rate, and making me irritable and more tired. At first I thought I might being feeling better even though I was really tired Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I had my first day of class and a date. Today I just don't feel right. I feel weighed down and I'm having trouble finding the motivation to get anything done. I'm also having the weird shoulder pain that I always get when I'm depressed. I won't wait to see how this plays out. I'm done with being depressed. I called my doctor and now I'm just waiting to hear back from him. I can't take getting depressed again.


  1. Have you had your hormone levels checked at all? I'm having to be on testosterone replacement therapy after my chemo because the loss of one testicle and the chemo damage to the other one has made it where I pretty much don't produce any of the stuff on my own any more.

    Adderall may only be a temporary fix, is what I'm saying. I was enduring unreal body aches and soul-crushing depression when my Urologist checked my hormone levels earlier this month and found that my testosterone levels were nearing "dangerously low" levels (he didn't check before this because it isn't typical for a younger man to suffer from that much of that kind of damage from chemotherapy).

    Joint pain and depression are side effects of low hormone levels for both men and women, after all. May be worth checking into if you don't already know that isn't the problem.

    1. I made an appointment for Friday AM to get my hormone levels checked. :-)