Saturday, February 11, 2012

Better looking than my real hair!

I could never get my real hair to look this bouncy and wavy!

I found out it will be couple of weeks after the first round of chemo (or so I was told) before my hair starts to come out, but we decided to go check out wigs today. The place my friend Sarah recommended was closed today so we went to Hair Options ( in Hoover. The women who worked there were super nice and helpful! I tried on several wigs but the one you see in the picture above was by far my favorite. I feel like it looks like my real hair... only better. I know I said I was going to branch out and not do red, but the woman who helped me (Loraine) said that chemo would make me look even paler (how is that possible??) and red was good for adding warmth and color. She also explained the best way to try to get my insurance company to cover it (BlueCross BlueShield are apparently dicks about this) and gave us a nice discount (wigs are expensive!!)

So if you or anyone you know finds yourself in need of a wig, I highly recommend this place! I wore my wig around for the rest of the day even though I still have real hair underneath, haha!

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