Thursday, February 9, 2012

I watch too much television

Right now I'm just waiting to hear back about when I'm going in to see my new oncologist. He'll have more chemo info for me and set in stone when chemo starts. He's suppose to be the nicest of the oncologists at the cancer center so I'm pretty happy about that. I hope he's as nice as Dr. James Wilson from House.... hehe

So part of the reason they want to start the chemo ASAP is because of this bit of fluid buildup in my abdomen. I feel like a really irresponsible patient because I still don't understand why this is bad. I really need to try to google this shit and get it figured out. Dr. Barnes said that if they just drained the fluid, cancer cells could attach to the skin. The surgeon called it "aggressive" chemo and has changed the plan from 3 to 4 rounds to 6. The nurse said this could take about 6 months, which is entirely too long for my tastes. I just really, really hope I can take my classes this summer since I'm missing my spring classes.
Dr. Barnes said chemo isn't nearly as bad as it was in the past though. I haven't even started yet and all my jeans are super loose so I hope I don't get sickly skinny.

More to come as more occurs.

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