Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is my dad's birthday! Because he was born on February 29th, he technically only gets a birthday every four years, lol. Today really is February 29th though and we are about to go out for sushi for lunch!

Now I want to share something that really meant a lot to me. I worked with a very sweet, awesome girl a while back who has now moved on to a better life and hopefully a better new job in Colorado. When she found out I have cancer, she posted a link to my blog on her blog and wrote the nicest things about me! I've never seen so many nice things written about me at once! She said it was ok, so I want to post it here.

This is what she wrote in it's original Swedish:

This is what google translates it into (it always makes a bit of a mess of the translation):

"When we lived in Alabama then I worked at Cheesecake Factory ... The world's worst job in the world's poorest state. Cheesecake Factory was really a hell and I respect all who work as waitresses in the U.S., the heroes. Or all but the Cheesecake Factory at the time, they were worthless colleagues and I have never seen the backstabbing and sexual harassment as openly and as widely accepted. But there was one girl there who was nice, stretching out a hand, while all other colleagues put out the tripping. (Ok, it was not so bad, but I was, and bitter). Her name was Mary, a beautiful redhead donna with pure southern accent.

Mary has had cancer. Cervical cancer. 26 years old.

She starts blogging about The Adventures of Cancer and she is so damn damn damn strong. I think you should read her blog where she was tongue in cheek writing that she needs to get married as soon as she is in September no longer covered by her parents' insurance, and together with her earlier condition as diabetic and now as a cancer patient will be difficult to find a insurance companies take her for a reasonable cost. Or when she was three days before her chemotherapy comes that she wants to have sex while she still has hair and sends desperate lie sms to old rag. Then add that she works at Cheesecake Factory. A woman of steel!

Fantastic blog, terrible fate, awesome girl."

It almost makes me cry it is so sweet! The only thing she got a little bit mixed up about was the type of cancer, but that's because I haven't been very good at remembering to include all the details when telling people about it and posting about it. I think just as many good things about her: even before we really spoke much, I thought she seemed like a very smart and strong person. I've been working on reading her blog and was happy to discover a button to translate from Swedish to English! It's really interesting, about her life in the US and her new marriage. I'm glad to see that she is in a place that makes her happy now! 

Well, I better get up and get ready! I need to leave soon for lunch with Dad. 


Happy Birthday face!

Yesterday someone asked me if my port looked like something from the Matrix (hahaha) so I decided to post a picture of it:

I didn't really get a good picture because you really only see the scar, but it's actually raised up a little where the port is. I couldn't seem to capture that well. No, they don't slice open the scar each time to do chemo! That would suck. They plug the iv into the port as if it's a vein somehow. I don't really understand it completely and I was too freaked out to watch them plug it in last time. Next time I'll have to watch. I know the port leads into a vein and that's how the chemo drugs get into your system. I found this picture that might make it a bit clearer:
That picture is making it look a bit more intense to me and now I'm just grossed out.


  1. Aw... I still cracked up at the translation bit about sending "desperate lie sms to old rag".

    1. Still not sure exactly what that should have translated to

    2. Maybe the literal "old rag" in Swedish is slang for "old friend" over there and "desperate lie" is... well, I'm drawing a blank there (probably good-natured joking/sarcasm). :P

      "SMS" still makes sense because it's the technical abbreviation for texting, at least.

  2. What an awesome Swede. It's great to see how much support you have.

    The scar is so small!

    Bright side: You're technically a cyborg. That gives you an extreme advantage in many cases.

    1. If it comes down to a fight between humans and machines, I'll have to choose my side!

  3. i cant believe the swedish girl said such terrible things about us! we were all really nice to her. even though she never spoke to any of us. weird. anyways hugs!!!

    1. I really don't think she meant it like it sounds. There is a lot of backstabbing and sexual harassment at Cheesecake so she was probably just thinking of that. She told me there were other people she liked, it just sounds worst in the post I think. Cheesecake can be a rough environment. I've been miserable there a lot too and thought about quitting a million times. So I understand what she means.

  4. I was one of the other exile-Swedes that found your blog through hers, and i did write a comment but it seems to have disappeared. Huh. Any way, once again, you have people rooting for you in Italy as well, and I think you are amazing in your way of dealing! and you are such a pretty girl you will look great hair, no hair, wig, whatever. Your beauty lies not in strands of hair. :) hugs!

    1. I'm not sure what happens with the comments! A lot have disappeared!
      My hair should be coming out soon so I'm curious to see what I will look like. Thank you for saying I don't need hair to be pretty! I have 2 cool wigs, hats, and scarves if being bald feels strange or makes my head chilly!