Sunday, February 12, 2012

The creature that is stressing me more than cancer.

Ok, so I few days ago, I got out of the shower and as per usual went to my underwear drawer to collect some undergarments to wear. I pulled the drawer open with zero reason for stress because I've done this many times before without issue, but on this occasion, a tiny brown mouse was looking up at me. In a different time and place (perhaps a little mouse habitat?) this mouse would have been adorable. In this case, it was not. I screamed, slammed the drawer, and proceeded to kick the entire chest of drawers over and over to scare him away (not very nice, I know). I then sat in my bed for a couple of hours trying to hear him scurry around. After hearing and seeing no sign of it, I clothed myself (in pants, a shirt, etc, that had not yet been put away). I tentatively opened each and every drawer to look for the little bastard (to him I'm the bastard). During the inspection, I noticed tiny mouse droppings all over my clothes! Thanks Fievel.... I'm not sure if my drawers were his house or his toilet. Maybe both. All clothing has been taken out and washed since then, and now sits in baskets and bags all over my floor. Maybe I really did scare him away because I haven't heard him since that incident. I've been assured that it should be fine to restock my drawers with all my clothes but I am hesitant to do so.

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