Friday, February 24, 2012

Visit from Daddio

Yesterday, the coughing and chest/throat pain got bad quickly and due to a debatable fever, the doctor told me to start taking the antibiotics I was given to keep on hand. I felt shitty on and off most of yesterday, with the day ending with some pretty unpleasant bone pain. My blood sugar got low around "dinner time" (I don't really follow normal meal times anymore) so I was able to eat a lot more than I typically would: a banana, a Stouffer's salisbury steak tv dinner, and a little bit of ice cream. I guess it's good to pack in some calories when I'm up to it because usually just a yogurt is enough.

My dad came to visit me early this morning because he was worried about me after the somewhat rough day I had yesterday. Right now he's watch That Thing You Do! while I blog and drink my coffee/protein shake mixture. He works nights so he pretty much came straight over here from work. He's a sweet dad.

I'm on hair loss watch now. Monday will be that day they said the hair could start coming out. I mean, it might not come out but I'm not counting on that. I think I've accepted it though I don't know if I'll have some surprise emotional moment when it does come out. It seems like a lot of my emotional moments are "surprise emotional moments." It'll come out in clumps when it does and at that point I'll just shave it. I guess I'll post some bald pics though it's not nearly as fun to me as the wig pics and such. I'm curious to see what I will look like. Maybe I'll start to wear even more makeup to somehow balance it out. Or that's a silly idea. I saw a cute scarf I wanted that was pink with giraffes on it, but it was $15 so I held off. I'm trying to be extremely frugal right now.

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