Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dating and chemo?

I've been on this dating site for years. It's a free site and a lot more laid back than say I think I originally joined because a guy I was really into was on it and I wanted to scope out his profile (kind of creepy, I know). Wow, I must have been on and off this site for about 6 years. No, I'm not embarrassed about it either. Yes, I've met up with some weirdos (mutant guy and crazy guy who talked so loudly that everyone in the coffee shop had to stare), but I made some real friends too and it resulted in a two year relationship. Though that relationship didn’t work out, I wouldn’t undo it if I could. But this website has fun tests and a neat matching algorithm. I know some of you will think this is lame no matter what I say about it, but because I have cancer, I can be as lame as I want and it’s ok :-)

So I posted the link to my blog on my profile on this site. Since then, the quality of the messages I get on the site has increased dramatically. Messages of encouragement, messages from people who had cancer or know someone who did, and the always welcome messages that simply say, “I think you will still look hot bald.” What’s surprising is the amount of offers I’ve gotten to be taken out on a date. Really? Am I more appealing with cancer or just more approachable? Fellows, you might think you want to take me out to dinner, but I’ll be exhausted and no fun the whole time, and there is a decent chance I will throw up my meal. Still interested? If this is about you thinking my pictures are pretty, I’m concerned that my looks are going to steadily decline, between an upcoming lack of hair and my steady weight loss. In theory, it might be nice to go out and get a taste of romance and/or sex, but in reality, I don’t think things would go so smoothly. My level of energy says, “Stay in bed!” Current relationship status: only available for online chatting. 

On a cancerous note, today someone asked me what stage my cancer was, and I knew the answer straight away, “Stage 3.” But I couldn’t remember exactly what that means so I had to go and look it up. It’s a good thing my mom keeps a log of all this stuff because I’m not hanging on to all of it mentally. 

I found out I can get a free wig from the Cancer Society so I might go do that at some point. I’d like a short wig for upcoming warmer days.  Maybe blonde?

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