Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I embarrassed myself without getting out of bed

this picture actually makes me feel super nauseous!
Happy Valentine's Day to those who are happy about the existence of this holiday today!

Last night I went up to work/Cheesecake with Perri and Kathleen mostly to see the people I've missed. (BTW, Perri got me some Valentine's Day candy and Kathleen got me a blue eye palette from Sephora. Could they be any sweeter??) One of the first persons I ran into was one of my managers Jay, who asked me if I would feel up to just sitting and answering the phone for a few hours on VD. I had already emailed Dave, the GM, and said I would be up to doing this since it went so smoothly when I did it last year. So I agreed.
Even though I had a lot of fun with my friends last night, I ran into my two new typical problems. I got hit with nausea really quickly and luckily made it to the ladies room to throw up my spinach dip and sweet corn fritters. I also got so super exhausted. So exhausted that on the way home I thought, "There is no way I'm going to work tomorrow! I'm going to call them and tell them I can't come!"
After crashing for several hours, I actually feel sort of exciting about going to work (though I won't make much money). I need to get out of the house while I'm feeling up to it and I'll see more friends I didn't see yesterday. If I can sit at home and chat with people online from different countries, then I can sit at work and take to-go orders :-P

Ok, I went back and front about including this story on my blog, but it seems too silly and possibly funny to leave out. The person I'm talking about's name will obviously not be included to protect his identity. So the story begins (a few days ago) with me getting the idea in my head that I would like to get laid before chemo- while I still have hair and look healthy. Specifically before this Wednesday, when the port gets put in, because I was told that would be uncomfortable for a while (and unsexy). Something you should know about me? When I get an idea in my head, sometimes it simply will not go away with any amount of logic or reason. I wasn't looking for a stranger. I wanted someone I know and trust and would probably have a good time with. I thought of the guy I was sort of hanging out with before winter break around the time of finals. Super nice guy, great personality. I wouldn't say that we were dating, we studied together and hung out together. But it seemed that there was possibly potential for it to lead to dating if things went well.... and we did have sex once. When all these crazy health scares came up, I was updating him regularly but conversation eventually dwindled. There might have been potential there, but between the cancer, me being about an hour away, and him being super busy with school and work, that went out the window. So when I saw him on facebook chat, I thought, here's my chance. I should mention that this was AFTER I had already sent him a cheesy/obnoxious/embarrassing/awkward message a few days before about how I was sorry I didn't get to know him more and would have wanted to date him but that I hoped we could be friends. YACK! Why do I do this?
Now this is what comes next: "Ok, I have a strange question for you and if it's too weird, please just pretend I never asked it. I'm starting chemo next week and I'm thinking no one will want to have sex with me after that. So I really want to get laid before that happens and you were the first person I thought of because well I thought you were attracted to me before all this and I still look normal for now." Who says this crazy shit?? Mary does!
You know when you are talking to someone on facebook chat and they don't know what to say so it keeps saying "typing" then no typing, then "typing" then no typing, then "typing".... that's exactly what happened. Then, "Well, I'm kind of seeing somebody right now." Oh shit! Super embarrassment! But of course being the nice guy that he is, he diffused the awkwardness and said, "You're a very pretty girl. I'm sure it won't be that long. Even with the hair loss and stuff."  Oh, I have fun... hahahaha

Plan B is a visit from Sweden :-P

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