Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I guess it's Wednesday :-)

As suspected, I didn't feel quite so hot when I woke up this morning as I did yesterday, even though I slept fairly well last night. Steroids have worn off. My stomach was hurting, I was coughing, I felt like I couldn't wake up, and it seemed like I had developed a UTI. I called the doctor about the possible UTI, because it was on the list of things to call about, but the nurse told me she thought it was just a side effect of the chemo and to drink lots of fluids (but of course to call if it gets worse!) I'm feeling a bit better now that I'm really awake and drinking some coffee. One of the nausea meds tends to make me really drowsy at times but I was able to eat some greek yogurt and cereal this morning (pretty exciting, right?). The shot I got yesterday to boost my white blood count was suppose to make my bones hurt but it really hasn't so far. For some reason, they recommend the allergy medicine Claritin to help with the bone pain, so I guess it really works for some reason...

Soon though, I'm really going to get up, shower, and get ready for an appointment at 3:00. Even though I feel like I'm holding together really well emotional, the doctor recommend I talk to a therapist/psychologist/counselor. So I have an appointment. I'm half worried that even though I'm fine now, after talking about feelings for an hour, repressed unpleasantness will come up and I'll be a wreck. I can be a bit of a worrier. Hopefully she (Sharon) will be nice and it will be somewhat helpful to talk about all this crazy stuff.

My mouse friend/fiend has returned. I heard him scurrying around the night after I had chemo. I took all my clothes out of my drawers because I simply do not want mouse shit on all my clothes all over again. We put in a neat little box trap that will hopefully catch him. He goes inside to get the cheese and gets stuck in there but does not die. Then he can be released somewhere far, far away from here!

"therapy dog"

Above you see our "little" monster, Emma. She is about a year old and a complete handful. So sweet but there is really no way around saying that she is a naughty dog. She destroys anything and everything for fun. I put her outside because it's nice and sunny today. Then I heard her chewing up the furniture on the back porch so I tried letting her back in. Bad idea. She stole two hats I'd gotten as gifts and was running amok with them. I gave her a treat to get the hats back safely (a treat for being bad!) but then she decided to get in the trash can. So now she is back outside again. I guess it's the best I can do. I don't know how well babysitting her will go if I start to feel really awful though.

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