Friday, April 20, 2012

Online vs. Real Life

My online friends that I chat with often are dwindling and I haven’t spent time with real life friends in a little while. My new counselor that I saw yesterday had a lot of good insights on friendships, online and real life. I actually liked her a lot and will definitely go back. I think she spent more time talking than I did but I didn’t mind in this case because everything she said felt useful to me. 

I guess I think of myself as having a sort of loner personality and not really needing a whole lot of social interaction, but I think I have been a bit lonely lately. I think with these online guys, I only really get a glimpse of the side of themselves they choose to present to me… their good sides. So I think I give them more credit than they deserve. However my ex pretend fiancé has only been just showing me his bad side (for the most part). He has been rude and unresponsive. Ok, I suppose I have been a bit pissy to him too. It’s almost like we have been married for a long time and don’t get along anymore. I told him that talking to him is no longer fun and so I don’t want to do it anymore. Divorced now. It might sound pathetic but I will really miss him because he was once so funny and easy to talk to. Also, I haven’t heard from my best Swedish friend (the one I made the drawing of) in over a week. I’m disappointed because I didn’t get any feedback from him about my horrible drawing, so I made another video for him!:

Making the videos is somewhat fun so I might attempt to make a short video blog for a future post. The part that I don’t like is how long they take to upload to youtube. Both videos were less than a minute and yet took around 2 hours to upload. 

Aaron is coming to visit me today so I am excited about some extended, real life social interaction. I should actually get up and make myself presentable soon. Tomorrow I will have lunch with my real life father and then Sunday I will do something fun with my real life friend Jessica! Pack in some fun before chemo on Monday.


  1. Will be thinking about you Monday. I'm glad I can post comments now!
    I'm sorry you got a divorce from your pretend fiance. You can be Michael's pretend fiance and be his pretend second wife so we can be pretend sister wives, if you want. I haven't asked him, but I'm sure he won't mind. ;)

    1. Being sister wives sounds awesome! I'll start packing my stuff and I'm sure Michael will be very surprised when I show up at the door! haha

    2. Haha, sounds good to me!