Sunday, April 1, 2012


Of course people with “pre-existing conditions” shouldn’t be able to get health insurance. Why not just keep us all away from doctors and hospitals and let Darwinism work its magic, right? I guess I don’t deserve reasonably priced medical care. I’m 25 and shouldn’t still be just a student. I should have a good job that provides me with health insurance. We can just ignore the fact that I got behind in getting through school because of health problems. Oh by the way, I just have to say that if what I’ve said makes you angry, you are probably someone I don’t want reading my blog so feel free to stop.  

Despite that little rant, I’ve calmed down since yesterday and I’m feeling much better today. I think I just started feeling overwhelmed and upset and it just progressed into a bit of a panic attack. The people that care about me helped pull me out of my sad mood. I still have a stress headache and I’m not excited about chemo tomorrow, but I’m ok. I’ve done some cleaning, laundry, and organizing because I know I won’t feel like doing it later this week. Soon, I’ll head to the store with my mom and pick up some chemo foods (stuff that requires little to no effort to prepare).

Honestly, I’m still in a grouchy mood and can’t muster whatever it would take to attempt to be mildly entertaining here. This crazy chat roulette guy is probably more entertaining than me anyway:

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