Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has to be rich as hell. I hear his voice everywhere…

I just searched “ruptured tumor” on Google images and I really wish I hadn’t. I need to find a good image to use as an example for my painting though. I keep getting images of ovarian cysts instead of tumors. Did you know there is a type of ovarian cyst called a “chocolate” cyst? I apologize for sharing that, I just didn’t want to suffer alone with that disgusting knowledge.

My stomach has swollen back up with cancerous fluids again. It’s very sexy. It had caused me to have more issues with vomiting, but none as bad as on Cinco de Mayo. I might need to be drained again Monday when I go for my 5th round of chemo.

Too tired to write anything else about today. There was an … incident that I might write about tomorrow.

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