Saturday, March 3, 2012

God morgon! Jag älskar solen idag!

Well, I survived the storm last night. I slept right through it. If it had gotten bad in our area, the little weather alert machine in the kitchen would have started to go crazy. I hope that no one lost their life last night and that the damage in the surrounding areas in minimum. I haven’t watched the news about it yet. 

I responded to the crazy message I included in my last blog post by basically saying, “I am not interested in you and I am concerned that you are insane.” He wrote back:

“And you are fine now? In these few words I might have guessed otherwise. But in all honesty I am with Mark Twain when he said that everyone was in some way mad and the sooner we see that the better off we shall be. I wish I could just pick away at every small detail of a person. Of course, that hasn't worked for you either. And maybe I hold on because I have been through more than you will in your lifetime. Personally I get tired of these cliche mating patterns. But, if you should be one of the birds, so it shall it be. While I embrace good memories of people, you hold onto piety shit, that is a sad truth about you. I can remember the times we laughed, I remember positive things about people, because at the end of the day its a choice really. I have specific memories about you that make me laugh and smile. That is what I try to do with everyone. It isn't always possible of course, but I leave memories on a positive note. You were never a happy person and you never will be untill you do some serious soul searching.”

See, it’s that one line, “I have been through more than you will in your lifetime.” OH HELL NO!

I was simply furious! I have cancer and have been through plenty of bad shit before this! So the message I send back made it very clear how angry I was and how much he needed to finally leave me alone. Although I doubt this blog gives me the appearance of being super ladylike, if I reposted the message he got in return, any illusions would be shattered. What a crazy jerk. I’m very glad that blocking someone is an option on this website. I’ll just go back to my perfect, stress free life now…

Мой жених понарошку (my pretend fiancé), after some very convincing persuasion, has decided to allow me to plan out our pretend wedding on Just something else to keep me occupied! The tentative pretend date is May 18, 2013 and yes, you are all pretend invited! (I am aware that I am a silly, silly girl). That Russian above is probably not correct. He is trying to unsuccessfully teach me a bit but I continue to accidentally call him a girl in Russian instead of a boy :-) 

I really, really like having penpals from around the world! I hear from some of them more than others, but I pick up on little bits about another cultures and languages just through normal conversation. All my penpals speak English to varying degrees, or I would have to spend a lot of time confused on google translate. I want to branch out to more countries but I already get a lot of messages and have a hard time keeping up with them. I’m weird in that I feel I obsessively have to reply within a certain time period, despite the fact that many of them actually do have things going on in their lives and will take a bit of time to respond to me. If you have an iphone (might work on other phones too), there is an app called “wander” that is kind of neat. You get assigned a “tourguide” from another country (and you are that person’s tourguide) and they assign you things to take pictures of and send to them each day. Like “the worst thing I ate today” or “something embarrassing about my country” or “something that scares me.” I haven’t been involved recently because I don’t get out of the house so much and feel I can’t send exciting pictures. It’s kind of amusing and interesting though and free. 

I better stop here because I’m about to have lunch with my dad, my Aunt Cindy, and my Aunt Dawn!

Goodbye and adjö and до свидания!

the only person missing from the picture is Dad!          

Lunch with the fam was great! I know not everyone is lucky enough to have such a caring, supportive family members as I am. My Aunts brought me sweet presents (earrings, cute hats, and pjs!) and my cousin Holly sent a "Fuck Cancer" shirt to me, haha. I'll definitely have to post a picture of that later. Now I need to rest up because I might be having dinner with my mom tonight.


  1. Haha, thats funny! It swedish... :-)

    1. The only words I really remember are "ja" and "hej" but I'll try to learn some more! :-)

  2. I LOVE to see all the Swedish! Haha, good practice for your date with Alexander Skarsgard!

    1. I would be too nervous to really meet him! Han är så vacker!

  3. Good grief, I hope that reply included a suggestion for what he could do with his dick shaped candles (either eat them or cram them up his own ass).

    Glad to see you're still able to be out and about so far on you're chemo, hopefully that white cell stimulant shot you talked about getting does its job well enough that you can keep going out (I was already on some restrictions by this time in my treatment, but couldn't have the shot for some reason).

    1. Maybe the shot really does make a huge difference because I've felt so much better this week!