Friday, March 2, 2012

There be a storm a-brewin!

It seems there is a strong possibility of tornadoes in and around this area later today and tonight. So if you live anywhere near me, be safe! I might end up downstairs in the bathroom later today if it gets bad. Luckily we have a little weather alert machine in the kitchen that will start going crazy if I need to run for cover. You can bet your sweet ass that I will sleep down there in the bathtub if I need to. I do not want to get blown away.
Recently a friend decided to share a pretty big, personal secret with just me. It feels really good that she puts that kind of trust in me! I’ll be vague about what I’m going to say because her friendship and trust mean a lot more to me than attempting to be entertaining on this blog. So I’m going to say absolutely nothing about my friend or about her secret. It just has made me think a lot lately about how much people can surprise you and do something completely unexpected. It made me wonder what other secrets the people I know might keep to just themselves. There are probably plenty of things I’d rather not find out about, but I’m still curious about what goes on in people’s heads and in their private lives. This is part of the reason why I was torn between getting into psychology or accounting in school. People have laughed when I said that because they are so different, but I think I could be happy with either. I was discouraged from getting into psychology by a few people in the field because you have to go to school for so long to really get anywhere. That’s a major reason I decided I would try accounting. I’ve gotten crap from a few people I’ve told that I was majoring in accounting and was surprised by this. “How boring!!” And I guess maybe some of the English or philosophy majors might think I’m some greedy money grubber. But something they haven’t considered? For one thing, I do think accounting would be a good fit for me. I’ve also given college a shot once before at 18 and had it end disastrously, primary because of previously mentioned depression issues and just being so far from my support system (my family). Then I spent years out in the real world just working “crap jobs.” Maybe if I didn’t have so many health problems to worry about and the worry that I will need to be able to support and take care of myself as soon as I can, I would want to try to major in art, or English, or philosophy. I hope I’m not insulting anyone who might be majoring in one of those who is reading this, but I’m 25 now and I’m trying to be practical. Being a sickly person is expensive and I need job security and the money to keep myself as healthy as I can. I feel like I’ve started to rant a bit, but I’ve been surprised that I’ve had to defend my major. I also managed to start on one topic and completely switch over to another :-)
I might add more later, depending the weather and how much more I feel I need to bore you talking about accounting.


  1. Here's hoping you don't have that thing I've got where stormy weather makes every serious injury you've had ache (I can only imagine how bad it would ache if I had as much taken out internally as you have). I'd be loading up on a painkiller and anti-nausea medication, making as comfortable a bed as I could in the tub and just going to sleep until morning.

    In fact, I may do that anyway because I think the weather you're talking about is supposed to be here later tonight or some time tomorrow. :/

  2. Hi :-)

    My sister has a major on accounting, but she ended up as a graphic designer in the end anyway.

    My point is that accounting can be interesting, but getting a major in it doesn't force you to work with it. You can still try other things if you get the opportunity... with a better paid job to fall back on if it doesn't work out. :-)

  3. Photo a neighbor had the sense to take of the tornado as it was going by Friday Night.