Monday, March 5, 2012

New Fake Hair Fun!

Saw that I just got an email about "cancer fighting foods" from WebMD. Too late... delete.

My friend Sarah works for Susan G Komen and put together a cancer gift bag for me: 3 wigs, a scarf, a hat, a bandana, and a t-shirt. I swear getting cancer is like non-stop Christmas... except for the whole cancer deal...

Some pics of the wigs:

bouncy hair!
Now I just need this wig to complete my collection:

so hot!
AND to look just like Natalie Portman bald!

I'm jealous!

Some random news: the scar from surgery on my tummy seems to have faded a bit already and even though the hair was coming out on my head, I will still have to shave my legs for now :-/

 Maybe when my health insurance runs out in September I'll move to Sweden since they can't seem to get it right in the US. Sverige är en härlig land! Men jag hoppas att jag inte blir för kallt i Sverige!


  1. Replies
    1. Everyone has a different favorite as far as my wigs go! I gave them all names and I'm thinking they should all come with different personalities too! haha

    2. Bouncy Hair reminds me of Kristen Bell for some reason, hopefully that one doesn't come with remorseless killer/psychopath tendencies like she had in Heroes and... that one other movie I saw her in that I can't remember the title of right now!

  2. We will be a bunch of ppl welcoming you if you move to sweden, I think.

    And... comparing you to Natalie portman I don't think you're too far off the mark. :-)

    1. Now I have new Swedish friends so I think I will feel at home! :-)

  3. *LOL*
    We take care of you if you decide to move here...haha! But, hey, hope you will visit sweden someday!

  4. Yeah, uh, eat lots of tahini! Maybe it'll work retroactively. You'd figure the chemo would at least take out the leg hair.. they really have to make it hard, huh?

    P.S. Go Swedes.