Sunday, March 4, 2012

This one goes out to all the ladies…

I don’t have too much to say about cancer or chemo today, so I thought I’d talk about something I feel strongly about and wish to pass on.

Ladies, don’t fake your orgasms!  You are not doing anyone any favors, especially yourself. I was guilty of doing this in my earlier years of sexual exploration (not too long ago!) but realized after some time – too much time really – that I was really doing myself a disservice. I didn’t enjoy sex as much as I could have and would let the poor guy think he had really rocked my world. The more you continue to let him think he is satisfying you, well, why wouldn’t he stick to the same old routine that isn’t really working for you? If it isn’t broke, why fix it? For some women it can be very difficult to find this formula to get to orgasm, but most guys want to make you happy in bed (if they don’t, get rid of them!) and are willing to figure it out with you together. Another issue with faking orgasms: if you are in a serious relationship, it should be built on trust and honesty and trying to win an Academy Award in the bedroom with your acting skills doesn’t contribute to healthy and open communication. If you are with someone you are comfortable with (and you should be with someone you are comfortable with), you can explore and experiment until you get it right. If you have been faking orgasms with your partner, in my opinion, it’s best to come clean. I’ve done this before and it actually went surprising well. There could be some hurt feelings involved, but if you want to start over fresh, this seems like the best way to go to me. 

I just think women deserve orgasms too and should make their best effort to achieve them. Some good things about orgasms besides that they feel amazing: they relieve tension, they help you sleep better, they burn calories, they can help with some pain management, they can help reduce cravings for junk if you are on a diet, you will feel more bonded with your partner than if you are faking it, they can ease depression…. I’m sure there are others I can’t think of or don’t know about.  

Ok, I’m stepping down off my soapbox now...

To completely change the subject, I think I’m a big fan of this Neulasta shot, if it’s the reason I’ve been feeling so much better. It’s the shot I got after chemo to boost my white blood cell count. The bone pain I went through for a little while because of it was not fun, but I really felt 10 times better this week than the week before. Yesterday I went out to eat for lunch with my dad, my Aunt Dawn, and my Aunt Cindy for lunch and then later went out for dinner with my mom and John. (My doctor would be really happy about the amount of calories I got in!) I didn’t even need a nap in between and ended up staying up a bit later than I have been! The only bad thing about yesterday was a bout of nausea first thing in the morning, but it did not last long. My next treatment is March 12th and I hope the feeling better continues until then. I was told though that you feel a bit worse with each treatment (I guess they build on you) so I’m a bit worried that it will get much worse. But I’ll just have to wait and see. If I was to stay feeling pretty good, I wish there was maybe a part time job I could get where I could stay sitting down most of the time and not be exposed to too many people (potentially sick, germy people). I feel like I’ve gotten in the habit of being glued to this computer too much and it would be nice to make a bit of money if I am able. I just wonder who will hire me knowing there could be a lot of days I would be too sick to work and if I can find a suitable job. I’m the kind of person that would hate to start a new job and find that I couldn’t be a reliable employee (even if it is due to illness). Maybe I could go back and be a silverware roller at Cheesecake if I can wear a plastic bubble to protect me from all the sick people that are there all the time!

I need one!


  1. So many innuendo jokes, so little time...


    I'm also feeling really old now, because I think I can remember seeing that movie in theaters. :/

  2. I'm not a lady, but I do feel strongly about this subject as well. Women deserve all of the above mentioned by Mary :) Only the worthy should apply