Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The most fun thing I did yesterday

Ok, in my last post, I shared a message I sent to my pretend fiancé in which I bitch about how horrible and creepy this Russian dating site is. And yet I keep getting on there because I get so many messages and my curiosity gets the best of me! (And did I mention I have a lot of free time?). I got another message from a Russian who didn’t speak any English but I guess because I was a bit bored, I tried to have a conversation anyway. He was just speaking Russian and I was just speaking English since the site won’t let me cut and paste what he says into a translator…. It wasn’t going anywhere. Finally he said one word we both know, “Skype.” I said, “How do you think we can talk on Skype when you don't speak any English and I don't speak any Russian? Or do you just think I'm going to get naked for you?”  He managed to explain after I said this that he could translate what I say if we spoke on Skype. Then I thought to myself, I am bored and this could be hilarious/interesting because he doesn’t speak English. So I decided, why the hell not? I can hang up on him if he is a creep.  Then when I got on video chat with him, I discovered he didn’t have speakers or a microphone, but I guess not hearing each other isn’t really an issue when you won’t understand the words anyway. It turned out to be a really interesting experiment though. Since his translator sucked, we had to break down our communication at times to merely gestures, facial expressions, and the handy Skype emoticons that transcend language barriers. It took me about half an hour to communicate to him that the video coming from his end had a bad picture and I couldn’t see him well at all. It ended with him saying, “she such and will be a camera in telephone bad.” Oh ok…..   But we have a lot of laughs about our inability to communicate such simple things to each other. I did understand him perfectly when he said, “You 25. 17 max.” Hahaha, yeah I get that enough to understand it even in broken English! Some topics were a losing battle though, like when I tried to explain to him that I was hot (it’s pretty hot right now in March!)and he though I meant I burnt my tongue! But we’ve managed to talk about religion, school, drinking, pets, dating, sex, work… all to a very limited extent though. I really wanted to pull a trick on him and maybe it’s good that I couldn’t because it seems like it might have been a bit mean! When I video chatted with him, I wore my Natasha wig. This morning he messaged me via text chat and said he wanted to video chat again later. So I thought, “I’ll wear a different wig this time and confuse the hell out of him!” Well, while I was chatting with him it came down to having to explain why I don’t do much other than sit at home, so I had to give away my cancer secret. I’m glad though because now I feel like it would have been too mean to pull that wig trick on him! So I guess Pavluntik is my friend now! Except I’m a bit concerned because he wants to chat constantly and keeps sending me kissy and heart emoticons. We’ll continue to get along well as long as he doesn’t think I’m somehow his girlfriend!

My pretend fiancé is leaving for Malaysia tomorrow so I won’t get to talk to him for a little while (he said Monday). I think his Malaysian lover is picking him up at the airport (grrr, jealousy!) and his trip will be a combination of business and pleasure, hehe. His birthday is coming up so I will have to come up with some kind of birthday surprise or something for him that doesn’t cost any money. 

I’ve become an expert at mixing up fruit at the bottom Greek yogurt. This might sound silly, but if you want it to be perfect, you have to take your time and get it right. My life is very exciting lately! :-D

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